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Pick and packPick and pack

We will pick goods from our warehouse and pack them to our customer’s specification. This can be for single items that need delivery or multiple items that need to be combined in one or more packages. Our warehouse management software and fanatical attention to detail means that we very rarely make errors meaning the right product will be delivered to your customer every time.

Many companies neglect the packing part of pick and pack. For many of our customers the correct packing of their products is just as important as picking the right product. Our attention to detail will mean that product will packed to your specific requirements every time giving peace of mind. If problems do occur we will advise on a solution or, in many cases, will be able to anticipate problems and take pre-emptive remedial action.

How we do it well

-          We have very experienced staff

-          We have excellent management software

-          We have a culture of care

-          We have a long history of delivering business critical components


“We are the last people to touch our customer’s product before their customers see it. If we fail our customers fail. That is a heavy responsibility that we take very seriously”