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 e-Commerce Integration

Our management software is able to be fully integrated with most e-Commerce applications and channels. We can process orders received directly from your website, via e-bay, amazon and many other sources. Furthermore we have our own e-commerce platform in place and can, if required, deliver a back end order and payment processing service. You website would simply link to our platform once the decision to buy is made, we will take it from there.  

How we do it well

-          We have invested in a good quality order processing system that gives the necessary functionality

-          We understand e-commerce and our sister companies sell on-line

-          We have experience in integrating with multiple websites 




“e-Commerce is not a revolution in the way business operates. It’s simply another sales channel that needs some technical skill to deploy. We have that skill, leaving our customers to get on with the thing what they do best – sell their product to their customers.”