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Account Manger

The decision to outsource your warehousing and delivery is not one to be taken lightly. We will be the last person to touch your product before it gets to your customer. This is a heavy responsibility that we take seriously. We only take on a limited number of clients at a time and each will have a dedicated account manager.

Your account manager will not be a sales person instead they will be an operational manager within our business with an in-depth understanding of how TFP works and how to get problems solved. Our relatively small size and flat management structure means that your account manage has the authority to make the real decisions necessary to solve real problems. If there is a really big issue that requires a big decision then your day to day contact will only be one step away from the business owners, this short decision making chain is a key strength of our offering and how we outshine much larger players with longer, more complex decision making chains.

How we do this well

-          We take the time to understand our customers business

-          We only employ intelligent and caring people

-          We think long term about our relationships with customers, most stay with us for many years.

-          Above all we can respond quickly to problems when they occur.

“We believe that if you look after you’re business relationships then the money looks after itself.”