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Our Business Philosophy

As our name suggest the The Fulfilment Peoples business model is built around having good, motivated people working for us. Our investment in the people who work for us means we are able to deploy and use the latest technology to manage our warehousing, stock control, courier management and other critical business systems. But, more importantly, having smart and intelligent staff means we can develop the business relationships necessary to deliver a truely excellent service.

The core features of out offering are:


1 Attention to detail

As we get to understand each of our customers and suppliers individually we can often spot problems before they occur. Errors happen from time to time but, by having sharp and focused staff who really understand our customers needs coupled with the technology and know how to quickly check for problems, we can often prevent costly mistakes before they happen.


2 Flexibility

By having good business relationships with our own suppliers and by having a robust technology platform running our operation we can often "move outside the process" when necessary. Good strong processes are essential for a business like ours but equally important is having staff with ability, authority and power to step outside the process when our customers demand. It is this flexibility of working that can often make a difference between a "good" and a "great" service


3 Responsive 

Our relatively modest size and flat management structure coupled with good IT systems means that we can respond very quickly to customer demands. It is a fact of business that sometimes things need to be done in a hurry and without planning. Responding to these "crisis" situations can be the difference between winning and losing business, we understand this and so TFP prides itself on the ability to respond quickly to customers who need something done now!