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Our business is tailored to meet the needs of certain types of customer. If you are shipping thousands of packages a day or need acres of warehouse space then we are not the company for you. If, however, you are an SME who's needs resonate with any of the profiles below then we could well be a good fit for your business.


Profile 1 – The growing business

Typically you are one of the 10’s of thousands of successful home businesses that have become victims of their own success. The garage is overflowing with stock, the spare bedroom is full and the clutter is potentially causing marital strife! These growing pains are starting to affect your business and hamper your ability to expand. But whilst your business is clearly successful the investment in buying dedicated warehousing space and the supporting IT systems is not really viable at this stage.

You have perhaps tried some of the larger fulfilment providers and found their service is somewhat lacking. What you want is a warehousing department that will care about your business in the same way that you do, a logistics department that will respond to your customer’s needs quickly and one that will rectify problems rapidly. Essentially you want to clone yourself and the dedication and care you have for your young business. It’s your baby and quite frankly the prospect of out sourcing part of your child care to some faceless mega corporation is daunting.

What can TFP do to help?

Each and every customer is special and important to us. We provide the space, software and resources and give care and attention to your product and fulfilment requirements. Your baby is safe.


Profile 2 – The business that needs to focus

Your business is built around giving a good service to your customers. Your key strengths are understanding your customer’s needs and matching your products to those needs. Your business has been built on excellent service. This is what differentiates you from your competitors and so this is what you need to focus your energy on.

For such a high service business getting the logistics right is very important but it is not actually your core strength. Having to run your own warehouse and logistics actually means you have less energy to focus on what makes you great at what you do. It is a distraction from what you are really good at namely, giving great service to your customers.

What can TFP do to help?

We can remove the distraction. What we are really great at is warehousing and logistics. This IS our core strength and delivering a truly excellent fulfilment service is what we have built our entire business around. By using us we can free up your time to focus on what will add value to your own business. 


Profile 3 – The business that has changing needs

Wouldn’t it be lovely if all businesses had predictable and steady needs? But this is not the reality for many businesses. Sudden rushes, big orders or large seasonal variations often cause logistical headaches. On the one hand you need to be able to cope with these spikes but on the other you don’t want to be wasting money paying for infrastructure that is unused during the dips.

What can TFP do to help?

An outsourced warehouse takes away that hassle. We can scale to your needs and can cope with even very large spikes as and when they occur. You will only be paying for what you need.


Profile 4 – The technical business

Not all products are equal. It is one thing if a CD or a book is a few days late due to some shipping error but entirely another if a vital component is similarly late. One causes a bit of irritation from a customer the other can potentially mean an entire factory is down costing tens of thousands of pounds. If you are a technical components supplier you understand this well, you understand that shipping errors and delays are not really an option. You also understand that sometimes swift delivery is equally as important as the actual product!

How can TFP help?

When running such a business the thought of out-sourcing the warehouse and shipping department, quite frankly, terrifies you. We understand this fear. This was, in fact, how TFP started. TFP was born from our sister company The Spray Nozzle People (SNP). SNP supply spray nozzle to the chemical, petrochemical, food processing pharmaceutical industries. Initially SNP outsourced it’s warehousing function but after many problems with different providers the sad conclusion was that there was no one that really understood how to service them properly.

So the owners of SNP set up TFP some 10 years ago as a standalone, high service fulfilment business, to not only do their own fulfilment but also to provide this to other companies. The logic being that SNP could not be the only small business that needed this type of service. This logic proved sound and today we have the thriving, specialist fulfilment service that is TFP.

So we get it. We get the fear, we understand the consequences of errors and it is in the DNA of our business to eliminate those errors. Will we promise to never make a mistake? No, that’s an impossible promise to make. But we will promise to take all precautions to eliminate errors and pull out all the stops to rectify any problems that do happen to slip through the net.